Day Porter Services

At SeaCrest Services California we tailor cleaning services to suit a wide range of businesses. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and unmatched customer service.


Day Porter for a Continuous Clean

At SeaCrest Services California, our day porter cleaning services are geared toward companies who require ongoing cleaning services due to regular foot traffic and the continuous dirtying of restrooms, building entrances and lobbies, and other common areas.  Day porters are assigned a specific daily rotation, with built-in flexibility to allow for possible spot cleaning or emergency situations.  During their shift, your day porter(s) are also on call to any cleaning tasks requested by your facility managers within the cleaning scope of work.

Customized Day Porter Services

We provide personalized day porter services to accommodate your daytime operation, according to your needs.  Our cleaning experts will assist to in monitoring traffic patterns, high impact volume areas such as restrooms, coffee stations, and building entrances, to develop a day porter program that is responsive and most cost effective.

SeaCrest Services California offers a free custom janitorial services quote for your property. You can reach us by phone (949) 477-4961 or fill out the quick response form to the right.



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PLEASE NOTE: Minimum monthly fees:

  • Landscaping: $2,500 per month
  • Office or laboratory cleaning: $7,000 per month
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Day Porter Services

  • Cleaning lobbies, foyers, and other common areas
  • Fingerprint cleaning on glass doors and elevators
  • Sanitizing restrooms and restocking supplies
  • Refilling consumables such as toilet paper and towels
  • Emptying, cleaning and relining trash receptacles
  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Spill cleanup, gum removal, patrol for loose trash
  • Meeting and special event setup/teardown
  • Cleaning kitchens, pantries and food service/prep areas
  • Touch up and re-stocking of coffee stations
  • Spot cleaning and emergency cleanup services
  • Additional custodial tasks as needed
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Day Porter Service Orange County Offices
Day Porter Service Southern California Offices

Day porters can be effective in facilities that have a high occupancy and require cleaning throughout the day in order to maintain their professional appearance.  SeaCrest Services California can provide your business with reliable and experienced day porters who will keep your space clean, sanitary and inviting.  We service a host of facilities throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego counties.

Our day porter cleaning services serve three main purposes:

  1. To continually clean, spot-clean, and maintain high traffic areas like lobbies, entrances, and hallways.
  2. To continually clean, spot-clean, and maintain restrooms and replenish toilet paper, paper towel, and hand soap dispensers as needed.
  3. To respond to any emergency clean-up situations such as spills, leaks, and unexpected incidents.

Our day porters provide a wealth of beneficial services designed to keep your facility spotless, enabling you to focus on your business and clients. From removing unsightly trash and debris from lobbies and foyers to monitoring restrooms so that they are sanitary and well-stocked, SeaCrest’s conscientious day porters create a welcoming, high-caliber environment that encourages maximum efficiency.

For your security and peace of mind, our porters undergo a rigorous screening process including detailed reference and background checks. They also carry proper company identification and are uniformed for a neat, professional appearance.

Schedule Options:

5-7 days a week, with flexibility to meet the specific needs of each site.

Day Porter Cleaning Service Areas:

Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego counties,
Southern California.

Guaranteed Quality!

For personal attention that is second to none, trust the experts at SeaCrest Services California day porter services. To learn more about how our porter services can keep your Southern California facility well maintained and looking its absolute best, please give us a call at 949-477-4961. We look forward to hearing from you.

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