Disinfecting – Electrostatic Spraying

Experience the power of protection with SeaCrest Services’ cutting-edge disinfecting and electrostatic spraying – safeguarding your space with a charge of cleanliness.

Disinfecting services

SeaCrest Services introduces advanced disinfecting solutions powered by electrostatic spraying technology. Our sprayers utilize an electrostatic charge, ensuring disinfectant droplets attract directly to surfaces for maximum effectiveness, unlike conventional misters or foggers. With 360° coverage, they wrap around surfaces comprehensively, surpassing the reach of traditional methods. Achieving a rapid kill time of approximately two minutes for COVID-19, our disinfecting service offers both preventative and enhanced/post-contagion solutions. From communities to offices, restaurants, hotels, and beyond, our electrostatic spraying is the ultimate tool for maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.

  • Electrostatic sprayers attract disinfectant droplets directly to surfaces, enhancing effectiveness.
  • 360° coverage ensures comprehensive wrapping around surfaces and objects.
  • Rapid kill time of approximately two minutes for COVID-19.
  • Offers both preventative and enhanced/post-contagion disinfecting solutions.
  • Ideal for communities, facilities, offices, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Trust SeaCrest Services for superior disinfection in any setting.