Apartment & HOA cleaning, Industrial & Manufacturing, Educational Schools, Medical Offices, Laboratory, & Cleanroom.

Elevate cleanliness standards in your industry with SeaCrest Services, offering tailored cleaning solutions for apartments & HOAs, industrial & manufacturing facilities, educational schools, medical offices, and specialized environments like laboratories and cleanrooms.

Apartments & HOA

Apartment & Homeowners Assiociation (HOA) Cleaning

SeaCrest Services is a community manager’s best choice for day-porter, general cleaning and rental turnovers. First impressions made during a potential resident’s tour of your property can go a long way towards filling the unit with little or no downtime. SeaCrest Services will make sure the common areas of your apartment complex or HOA community are clean and inviting. Whether you manage a large master association or a high-rise condo, SeaCrest Services will design a program that suits your facility and budget.

Day Porter, General Cleaning for Multi-Family Buildings

  • Day Porter: on-site partner for your managers
  • Housekeeping: detailed, deep cleaning for your facilities
  • General Cleaning: common areas, clubhouse, gym, poolside
  • Turnovers: move-out services, cleaning, carpets
  • Refurbishment services
  • Floor maintenance: tile, stone, carpet
  • Pressure washing: entries, pool areas
  • Parking Structures: trash pickup, elevator, stairwell cleaning,
  • pressure washing, cement scrubbing

Day Porter and General Cleaning, Apartments, Condominiums and Community Homeowners' Associations (HOA)

Cleaning Service Options

  • Routine daily cleaning – up to 7/days/wk 365 days/year
  • Day porter services
  • Pet waste porters
  • Apartment turnover services

Refurbishment Services

  • Light maintenance & repair
  • Drywall patch/texture
  • Interior painting
  • Retail space turnover cleaning
  • Carpet /Baseboard Removal
  • Light plumbing; replace garbage disposals, dishwashers, etc.
  • Replace light fixtures

General Cleaning Services

  • Fitness center – daily & detail cleaning
  • Conference center cleaning & event support
  • Poolside and BBQ areas cleaning & trash pickup
  • Parking structure trash pickup, cement scrubbing
  • Elevator and stairwell cleaning in interior & exterior areas
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Exterior window washing
  • Floor cleaning, scrubbing
  • Floor refinishing, polishing
  • Restroom deep cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Entry sweeping, steam cleaning
  • Lobby dusting and surface cleaning

Cleaning Service Options

  • Paver and brick cleaning
  • Roof and gutter cleaning
  • Graffiti, gum, oil stain, rust stain removal
  • Perimeter wall or fence cleaning
  • Balcony cleaning
  • Exterior building washing
  • Stucco or siding cleaning

Corporate Offices

At Seacrest Services, we understand that the cleanliness of your corporate office is vital not only for a great first impression, but also to support the overall health and satisfaction of your employees. Studies show that a clean office environment contributes to creating a more productive and fulfilled workforce.

  • Sweeping & mopping
  • Dusting
  • Disinfect & sanitize restrooms
  • Recycling support
  • Complete kitchen cleaning
  • Special Event Support
  • Window washing
  • Ceiling & wall cleaning
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
  • Dry chemical cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Machine scrub floors
  • Strip & refinish
  • Scrub & recoat
  • Spray buff
  • Wood floor care
  • Pressure washing
  • And more.

Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning

A Clean, Healthy Workplace

In your plant or industrial facility, clean floors, surfaces and common areas not only look attractive, they help create both a positive and safe environment. Manufacturing and other industrial facilities often contain a mix of areas that include office cubicles, restrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, labs, loading docks, storage, equipment rooms, locker rooms, warehouses, and childcare. Because of the wide range of specialized area needs, industrial facilities benefit the most from our highly efficient commercial cleaning technologies. It’s vitally important to be efficient, clean these areas properly, kill germs and help reduce illnesses that can affect productivity.

Educational Schools Facility Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting in schools, prevention is the most effective cure. SeaCrest Services utilizes high performance cleaning products and solutions to improve the overall cleanliness and appearance level of your school and reduce health risks to students, staff and visitors. Our disinfectants clean and kill bacteria, virus, mold and mildew to create healthy learning environments and reduced absenteeism for students and staff.

Educational Facility Cleaning Schools, Colleges & Universities

K-12 Schools, Day Care Centers

  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Food service areas
  • Gymnasiums
  • High touch areas
  • Entrances & hallways
  • Floors and carpet cleaning

Higher Education

  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Food service areas
  • Gymnasiums & Fitness Centers
  • High touch areas
  • Entrances & hallways
  • Floors and carpet cleaning
  • Athletic event support and venue cleaning


  • Lobbies
  • Restrooms
  • Recreation rooms
  • Entrances & hallways
  • Floors & carpet cleaning

Dormitory Special Services

  • Dorm-Turns
  • Complete cleaning of dorm rooms between school terms

Medical Offices, Labortory & Cleanroom

Hospital & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

At Seacrest Services, we are serious about infection control and provide thoroughly compliant cleaning knowledge, methods, and products to support your medical outcomes. We understand the requirements necessary for medical facilities cleaning and work hard to meet them. Our staff is expertly trained and equipped to handle the special needs of the medical profession. Contact us today to see how we may best serve you.