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This document is to outline the procedures Sea Crest Facility Services will utilize in preventing the spread of Coronavirus – COVID-19. And what measures SCS will take in protecting the Safety of its employees with proper PPE in disinfecting areas both preventatively, during normal course of daily work, and in enhanced disinfecting in areas deemed potentially compromised by a contagion identified in a dwelling.



  1. Regular disinfecting with EPA standard disinfectants, with CDC protocols.
  2. Utilizing microfiber clothes.
  3. Doubling and tripling the disinfecting of touch-spots at communities to include,
    1. Elevator buttons and panels
    2. Handrails
    3. Door-knobs and bars
    4. Mail-box areas
    5. Restrooms – stalls, dispensers, counters
    6. Trash areas and chute areas
    7. Other specific spots, community specific
    8. Amenities being closed, so no service at Fitness Centers
    9. Offices closed, for the most part.
  4. Utilizing proper PPE and Safety first(!)
    1. Nitrile gloves
    2. Safety goggles
    3. Masks (optional and not required by CDC in prevention work)
  5. Clean the surface first:
    1. Disinfectants primary purpose is to kill micro-organisms, and as such they are typically not as good at cleaning surfaces as a general purpose cleaning chemical.
    2. While there are some one-step cleaner/disinfectants available, it is necessary to use a general purpose or bioactive cleaner or degreaser to pre-clean heavily soiled areas – and it is helpful to note that using microfiber cleaning cloths and mops also assist to increase the efficacy of the cleaning chemical in removing soils on building surfaces.
  6. Ensure that the disinfectant has enough surface contact dwell time:
    1. Depending on the specific disinfectant and desired pathogen kill, there will be a range of dwelltime which will be needed to ensure that the surfaces have been effectively disinfected.
    2. Some contact times are as long as 10 minutes (although some are as short as 30 seconds to 1minute), and it is imperative that the disinfectant solution remain wet and active on the surface for the prescribed amount of time in order to ensure that the targeted pathogens have been successfully eliminated.


  1. The deployment of our ENHANCED DISINFECTING TEAM after a contagion event has occurred at a site.
    1. This is where a resident has been identified to have contracted COVID-19 and SCS is contacted to assist in disinfecting areas around the dwelling.
    2. Make sure the property management has notified their property safety or health management internal partner before commencing work.
  2. SCS will utilize the SAME processes outlined for PREVENTATIVE DISINFECTING outlined in Step 2.a
  3. SCS will be provided a site map, outlining the clear area(s) impacted and in need of ED work.
  4. SCS can respond with our team AFTER a 24 HOUR wait period, to allow for airborne droplets to settle. It is not required for SCS to utilize electrostatic spray guns or foggers, per CDC.
  5. SCS will not enter dwelling or unit, but only perform services around area outlined on site map.
  6. SCS can’t be held liable for any additional infection that may occur in the area or in proximity to the area after we have finished our ED process.
  7. Once completion of ED in areas outlined in site map, representative of the property management will sign-off on SCS work order on completion of ED duties.


Lead Manager for SCS is our main POC for our ENHANCED DISINFECTING TEAM

Luis Maggin – SCS Manager
Cell: (858) 822-9675

Lily Prado – Director, Operations
Cell: (619) 994-3832

Kirk Bolduc – President/CEO
Cell: (619) 252-4999