Laboratory, Biopharma Lab & Controlled Environment Cleaning

Sea Crest’s comprehensive cleanroom cleaning programs can help to ensure your critical environments are operating within their specified classifications. Micro cleaning is a key factor in product compliance and yield improvements, both of which contribute to higher customer profitability. Our cleanroom services are customized to reduce viable and non-viable particles, as needed for each environment. Viable contains one or more living microorganisms, while non-viable does not contain a living microorganism but acts as transportation for viable particles. For example, proper gowning protocols and the use of non-linting and microfiber materials, all of which are matched to the surfaces and requirements in your cleanroom environment.

Optimized for Full Productivity

Optimized for Full Productivity

An expert cleanroom cleaning program from SeaCrest Services California provides the assurance that your controlled environments meet all specifications and documentation for airborne cleanliness as required by your manufacturing environment. Our capabilities support your conformance to ISO 1-9 airborne particulate cleanliness class designations, previously classified under FED STD 209E as Class 1 (M 1.5) to Class 100,000 (M 6.5).

ISO Standards Compliant

SeaCrest Services California is experienced in complying with ISO 9001:2015 quality management and ISO 14644 designated particle measurement criteria compliance. As one of the most highly qualified cleanroom cleaning service companies in the area, we specialize in service to laboratory, manufacturing, medical and other scientific facilities. Our skilled cleanroom technicians provide viable and non-viable environment cleaning programs customized to meet each client’s requirements.

Cleanroom, Laboratory & Controlled Environment Cleaning

  • ISO 9001:2015, cGMP SOP, and ISO 14644 compliant
  • Increased worker productivity and morale
  • Improved environmental monitoring results
  • Highly trained micro cleaners
  • Cost reduction
  • Mitigated risk of contamination and product loss
  • Quality assurance
  • Comprehensive training
  • Routine cleaning (daily, weekly, monthly, & bi-monthly
  • Periodic cleaning (quarterly & semi-annual)
  • Cleanroom micro-cleaning: ISO Classification and/or Federal Standards
  • Cleaning aseptic facilities
  • Controlled, non-classified environment cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Super cleans and shutdown cleans
  • ESD floor care & testing
  • USP 797 compounding pharmacy environments
  • Cleanroom protocol training
  • Protocol (SOP) development
  • Cleaning regimen customization
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Process and personnel audits

SOP Development and Maintenance

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) development is available to you at no additional charge for the ongoing support functions SeaCrest provides at your facility. SOPs are a reflection of your processes and requirements, and we will continue to update them as your compliance requirements change.

Personnel and Cleaning Workflow Guidance

  • SeaCrest Services California maintains best practices with regularly scheduled trainings reflecting ISO 9001:2015 structures, customer SOPs and IEST cleanroom Recommended Practices for cleaning methodologies.
  • Training consists of Good Documentation Practices (GDP’s), entry and exit procedures for equipment and personnel, cleanroom apparel and gowning procedures, cleaning methodology, safety, microbiology and aseptic techniques. After standard GDP classroom instruction is completed, the technician is educated on the customer’s SOPs and provided site specific on-the-job training.
  • SeaCrest’s methodology of starting from the cleanest end of the room, farthest from the exit, cleaning top down, ceilings, walls and then floors, follows industry best practices which have proven to significantly decrease deviations and improve yields.

Periodic Facilities and Personnel Inspection

We include on-going inspections that audit documentation methodology and personnel practices to ensure your processes and facility maintain compliance.

Cleanroom Monitoring

SeaCrest Services California provides monitoring at your prescribed frequencies, to support reduced cleaning related deviations, maintain product process compliance and help you achieve increased yields. Good monitoring practices can proactively avoid product failure, production delays and regulatory citations, like FDA violations. Our skilled technicians manage your cleanroom cleaning and monitoring program so your company can focus on core functions such as R&D and production.

cGMP, GMP Laboratory and Cleanroom Cleaning

  • Current good manufacturing Processes (CGMP), also known as good manufacturing Processes (GMP), provide guidelines for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance to ensure that a product is safe for human or animal consumption or use. SeaCrest supports manufacturers in complying with these CGMPs:
    • Food CGMPs
    • Dietary Supplement CGMPs
    • Drug CGMPs
    • Medical Device CGMPs
    • Biological Product CGMPs
    • Animal Feed and Drug CGMPs
    • Cosmetic CGMPs
  • SeaCrest technicians follow disinfection SOPs to eliminate microbes from surfaces within laboratories of all types, including R&D laboratories and cleanrooms. Sporicides are also used as required by the specific environment, for the elimination of spore-forming microorganisms. Cleaning is performed top down, and side-to-side, beginning at the area farthest from the exit.

Non GMP Cleanroom Cleaning

  • Non GMP cleanroom cleaning is very similar in process to GMP cleaning, but instead of disinfectants, specially formulated cleanroom detergents or DI water / Isopropyl blends are used in the process of eliminating particulates from laboratory / production area surfaces. The process requires starting at the point in the room farthest from the exit, cleaning top-down and in a very precise side-to-side movement to remove microscopic particles.
  • SOPs may also include vacuuming with HEPA filtered Nilfisk vacuums or using specialized cloths to remove particulates.

Industries Served

SeaCrest Services California provides cleanroom services for the following industries: Compounding, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Electronics, Aerospace, Food, Cosmetic, Solar, Auto, Data Centers and many more.

Cleanroom & Laboratory Cleaning Service Areas

Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego counties, Southern California.

Guaranteed Quality

We are committed to providing the best-trained personnel and systems to offer you the best apartment and Homeowners Association (HOA) cleaning service while continuously improving our operation. For personal attention that is second to none, trust the cleaning experts at SeaCrest Services. To learn more about how our cleaning services can keep your Southern California facility well maintained and looking its absolute best, please give us a call at 949-477-4961. We look forward to hearing from you.